Cepsa takes lead role in Cinema+Food Musical Program

31 Aug 2017

    • It will sponsor six concerts featuring classic hits from the history of Cinema
    • The Company is also strengthening its support for the event by showing daily open-air movies on a big screen

Once again this year Cepsa will have a significant presence at the renowned summer Cinema+Food event for culture and leisure in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This time it participates through its program created exclusively for the Canaries: "Cepsa te acerca tu música". Between today and Sunday September 3rd, it will exclusively sponsor the concerts that will be heard each evening, right before projecting the open-air movie onto the giant screen, yet another activity supported by Cepsa.

The concerts will be played by the band composed of musicians Mario Rivero (guitar and voice), Antonio Auyanet (saxophone), Ricardo Barinaga (bass) and Telésforo López (drums), who will play pieces related to many of the most impactful movies in the history of Cinema each night from 7:30 pm.

This musical program will be supplemented by a concert of music from the best Disney movies, geared toward families with children, performed by the M. Lou choir on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Music for all tastes and all audiences, for four days, all as part of "Cepsa te acerca tu música”.

A broad, varied and epic program

The quartet will take to the stage Thursday to play theme tunes from movies such as Hello Dolly, songs like Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong for the movie Good Morning Vietnam, and pieces from Black Orpheus. The repertoire also includes A Hard Day's Night and And I Love Her, included in the theme tune from the comedy musical, also called A Hard Day's Night.

On Friday, the audience will hear classic hits such as Mr Sandman, which was part of the Back to the Future trilogy, Smile (Modern Times), Route 66, one of the most influential songs for various movies since its composition, Endless Love (from the movie of the same title), composed and sung by Lionel Richie, She's Like the Wind and She's a Maniac, from Dirty Dancing.

On Saturday, the group will delight the audience with another round of live songs related to cinema, such as The Sound of Silence (The Graduate). Till There was You (The Music Man), Hopelessly Devoted to You (Grease) and Change the World, which was part of Phenomenon. That evening's repertoire also includes pieces like Two of the Road, The Days of Wine and Roses and Moon River, among others.

On Sunday, there be will songs like Now's the Time (from the movie Play Misty for Me), various pieces from Cabaret, I Don't Know How to Love Him (a ballad from Jesus Christ Superstar), and Echoes of My Mind (Midnight Cowboy), among others.

At the concerts for families with children on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, members of the M. Lou Choir will sing a live repertoire made up of the main themes of the most well-known movies from the world of Disney, such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen, Moana, Mulan and, of course, the new version of Beauty and the Beast. While the music is playing, the background will be lit up with images from the movies

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