Cepsa signs agreements with unions overseeing sustainability of its operations in Andalusia and the Canary Islands

26 Mar 2018

    • Signing of agreement highlights essential role that Cepsa’s plants in Spain have in meeting its long-term objectives
    • Company’s analysis in its ‘Cepsa Energy Outlook’ shows a future full of uncertainties, so the Company has designed a long-term plan to consolidate production in Spain

Cepsa has underscored its commitment to the sustainability of its operations in Spain following the signing of a key agreement between Senior Management and the Workers’ Representatives of the Gibraltar-San Roque, La Rábida and Tenerife Refineries and the Chemical Plants of Palos de la Frontera and Puente Mayorga.

The company’s commitment with its industrial operations has translated into a long-term plan based on the people working for the company, excellence in safety and environmental affairs, and the strengthening of its integrated business model. The main aim of this commitment is in the consolidation of current production to achieve higher international growth and more new businesses.

To help us achieve it the plan is based on four main axes:
• Maintenance, optimization and development of the industrial fabric
• Alignment of working conditions to industrial plants
• Information and monitoring of the plan
• Transparency

Long-term commitment

The commitment on maintenance, optimization and the development of the industrial framework will mean investments in safety, improvements to the efficiency of the refining and chemical plants, improvements in the valuation of production, technology, and the development of digitalization and Industry 4.0 projects.

Among all this work the company will promote and support the development of initiatives to increase training for professionals based on equality and diversity management.

All of the actions will be developed in the shared aspiration that all the parties have recognizing Cepsa’s role in the generation of stable and quality employment, with a competitive and integrated productive model, backed by knowledge and innovation and with a strong commitment in terms of responsibility towards Society, Safety and the Environment.

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Cepsa Management with union workers following the agreement
  • Cepsa Management with union workers following the agreement
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