Cepsa wins ICIS prize for Technological Innovation for its new Detal process

11 May 2018

    • ICIS is the largest global provider of chemical market information
    • Cepsa and UOP won the award for the development and implementation of a new generation of Detal catalysts
    • The company will install this technology, the most modern and efficient worldwide to produce LAB, at its Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant
    • These prestigious awards were made at the Eighth ICIS World Surfactant Congress, held in the United States

Cepsa and UOP (Universal Oil Products) have been recognized at the ICIS Surfactant Awards, an international recognition of excellence and innovation across several areas of the chemical industry. The two companies received an award in the technological innovation category for the latest improvement in the development and implementation in the production of LAB (the raw material used to manufacture biodegradable detergents) called Detal Flex-2 Phenyl Technology.

This technological development is the most modern and efficient method to produce LAB worldwide. It is a development of Detal technology, co-licensed by Cepsa and UOP in the 1990s and installed in 80% of new LAB plants around the world. The main benefits of the new version are the use of less raw materials and energy, reduced emissions and a significant improvement in the sustainability of the process while maintaining product quality levels.

Cepsa will install the latest version of this technology at the Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant in San Roque (Cadiz), used in the first instance at the Bécancour Chemical plant in Canada. With an investment of €100 million, the company will replace the hydrofluoric acid process with the new Detal version, as well as increasing plant production capacity to 250,000 tons from 200,000.

Johnson & Johnson, Croda, Cavinkare, Sasol and Oxiteno also received awards yesterday in other categories at the ICIS Surfactant Congress, held May 9-11 in the city of New Jersey (United States).

ICIS is a major provider of specialized information for the chemical industry worldwide. Made up of more than 600 professionals from around the world, it has more than thirty years of experience in the publication of news, market analysis and consulting in the chemical industry.

Cepsa Chemicals

In addition to being a pioneer in technological development for the production of LAB, Cepsa is a world leader in the manufacture of the raw material, with 15% of global market share.

Cepsa’s chemical operations are highly integrated with its refining business. This allows it to produce high value-added products used as raw materials for other industries and with multiple end uses: high technology plastics, biodegradable detergents, synthetic fibers and pharmaceutical products, among others. The company has chemical plants in Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain and Indonesia, and markets its products worldwide.

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Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant
  • Puente Mayorga Chemical Plant