La Línea government delegation visits Cepsa plant

28 Mar 2017

The visitors learned about the products manufactured at the refinery and the Company's safety and environmental safety measures

    • Cepsa's new control room is equipped with the best available technology and puts it at the forefront in this area
    • March 31 marks the launch of the public Open Days

Yesterday, members of the Government Team of the town of La Línea visited Cepsa's San Roque facilities. During the visit, the attendees went on an extensive tour of the complex and had the chance to learn about the industrial processes and the products manufactured at the refinery, as well as the safety and environmental protection measures put in place at Cepsa.

As part of the visit, which was attended by the director of the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, and other members of the center's Management Team, the attendees stopped by the control room to see the refinery's innovative control systems first-hand. This new room puts Cepsa at the forefront of those companies with the best technology available in terms of control rooms.

The Mayor of La Línea, Juan Franco, was accompanied by Ignacio Macías, Deputy Mayor and Councilman for Public Acts; Rosa Maria Pérez López, Delegate for Health and the Environment; Encarnación Sanchez, Councilwoman for Culture and Employment; Helenio Lucas Fernández, Councilwoman for Social Services and Sport and Maria del Carmen Garcia, Delegate for Equality, Market and Consumption, among others.

Juan Franco spoke very positively of his visit, highlighting the facility's security measures and environmental protocols as well as its quality standards, especially in matters related to the manufacturing processes. The mayor strongly emphasized the importance of maintaining excellence in the control levels and thanked Cepsa Management for extending him the invitation.

The director of the refinery, Miguel Pérez de la Blanca, outlined the importance of such visits to the facilities both for the general public and for the corporations from the municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar. "These meetings allow us to establish close dialog with citizens and their political representatives, and let them get to know Cepsa's facilities in San Roque, the people who work in the industrial complex and the high security, environmental protection and production parameters with which we work," noted the director of the refinery.

Throughout the year in the region, Cepsa has a calendar of tours that are open to all areas of society: institutions, associative networks, education centers, universities, etc. Specifically, last June, members of the San Roque corporation visited Cepsa's facilities to learn about the industrial complex. This Friday marks the launch of the Open Days aimed at society at large. Those interested in attending the Open Days can sign up at

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