Gas and Electricity for Small Businesses - Cepsa’s new offer for SMEs combines natural gas and electricity

27 Nov 2018

      • Yet another step in the company's diversification plan, centered on providing energy that is tailored to the needs of each customer
      • Cepsa has secured a deal with the Spanish Commerce Confederation (CEC) to promote this service to its 90,000+ company members

Cepsa is introducing Gas and Electricity for Small Businesses, a new, combined gas and electricity supply promotion aimed at SMEs, broadening the company’s range of services and tailoring its provision to the energy needs of each of its customers.

There are currently three tariff types: fixed, flexible and optimum. On the fixed tariff, the company pays the same amount each month. The flexible tariff allows the SME to pay for the energy it consumes each month at a fixed energy price all year round and according to the time of day used, and the optimum tariff allows the company to pay for the energy at cost price plus a small management fee. 

Gas and Electricity for Small Businesses, aimed at companies with a contracted electricity output of up to 15 kW or a gas consumption of 50,000 kWh per year, also offers different plans tailored to all types of SME.

Cepsa already has experience in gas and electricity marketing and distribution for big business and industry with a more than 15-year presence in that area. The company seeks to offer a global energy offer through new formulas adapted to the needs as each client.

The project also aligns with the trajectory set by Cepsa’s Energy Outlook 2030 report, which indicates that electricity currently represents a quarter of total Spanish energy demand and that it will see an even greater increase over the next few years. According to this study, the major drivers of this growth will be the residential and service sectors, which include a large proportion of SMEs.

Cepsa also provides additional services offering benefits to these companies. These include the StarRessa Direct professional card, with which independent traders, collectives and SMEs can receive discounts on fuel as well as other products and services relevant to their business.

In alliance with the Spanish Commerce Confederation (CEC)

To promote the launch, Cepsa has signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Commerce Confederation in order to publicize the benefits of Cepsa’s new dual energy service (gas and electricity) to its 1500+ affiliate associations and 90,000+ member SMEs. The agreement further anticipates that the member businesses themselves may then refer their own customers to Cepsa Hogar.

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