New Energy Management System at the Puente Mayorga plant

26 Nov 2018

    • The Cepsa facility received the ISO 50001 Certification in Energy Management Systems
    • AENOR carried out an audit leading to award of the certificate

Cepsa’s Puente Mayorga chemical plant has achieved the ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency Certification that endorses the correct implementation of a new Management System for energy resources within the plant. To achieve this certificate, the unit successfully underwent an audit carried out by AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación - Spanish Standardization and Certification Association).

The Certificate forms part of the existing certificate, in place since 2015, for Cepsa’s chemical plant in Palos de la Frontera. In this way, both facilities shall have the necessary systems and processes to continuously improve their energy performance, including energy efficiency, and the use and management of energy. The implementation of this standard is based on a culture of improvement and commitment at all levels of the organization.

For all of its operating facilities, Cepsa approved the implementation of the Management System according to ISO 50001, with the aim of promoting the energy efficiency of its organizations, reducing gas emissions and ensuring compliance with energy legislation. In this way, the existing energy management systems are now standardized, adapting them to international standards.

Cepsa also maintains Sustainability as one of its values, which gives Safety priority, has maximum respect for the Environment, a Solidarity Commitment focused on the well-being of the communities in which it operates and society in general, and Continuous Improvement, given that the Company aims for the excellence, efficiency, and reliability of operations.

The director of the Puente Mayorga chemical plant, Jesús Ivars, said: “Cepsa Química is an example, from Andalusia, of continuous improvement and, to achieve it, we rely on innovation and technology in order to be more efficient every day and rigorous in processes, Safety, the Environment, and product Quality.”

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