Cepsa Santa Cruz liaison committee meets for first time in year

27 Feb 2017

    • A communication and dialogue channel between the Company and the social structure of the Tenerife capital

Cepsa has held the first meeting of the year of its Liaison Committee with Tenerife society. This is a quarterly meeting attended by representatives from various tiers of Santa Cruz society with leaders of the Company in the Canaries.

comité enlace santa cruz

This time, those who attended the meeting included representatives of the Pro Intellectually Disabled Family Association of Tenerife (ASPRONTE), the Chapatal Neighborhood Association and the ConRed project, the area of trade promotion of the Santa Cruz Development Society, the Tenerife Solidario program, the business areas of the Tenerife Science and Technology Park and the Tomé Cano school. Present on behalf of the Company were the director of Cepsa in the Canaries, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, and the heads of Operations, Environmental Protection and Communication.

The session began with information on the latest activities of Cepsa on the Islands and some recent milestones, both pertaining to its sales activity, as well as the arrival of Cepsa butane canisters in the Canaries and the technological improvements made to the facilities at the Tenerife refinery. Subsequently, there was a detailed report on the social actions carried out by Fundación Cepsa in the last six months.

During the round of interventions and debate, various topics were covered, as diverse as the need to promote the teaching of values to young people and the acquisition of so-called "21st century skills", job specialization in specific sectors such as technology, in addition to the existence of a specialized employment exchange in this area. Examples of good practices in social action were also shared and there was discussion on the progress being made in training aimed at those sectors demanding new professions.

The meetings of this Liaison Committee, which agreed to meet again mid-May, began in June 2015 as a channel of communication, information and dialog between Cepsa and Santa Cruz society.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 27, 2017

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