San Roque Open Days attract over 400 people

17 May 2017

    • The open days, which have been ongoing since 2007, are a result of the Company's commitment to the environment and its transparency
    • The attendees have been able to witness the Company's facilities in San Roque first-hand and its commitment to safety, the environment and technical excellence
    • Over 5,000 people have taken part in the Open Days since they began in 2007

A total of 400 people have taken part in the 10th Annual Open Days of Cepsa in San Roque. Over five days, the Company showed the public its facilities and the activity it carries out both in the region as well as in the various countries in which it operates.

Another part of the visits involves reviewing the multiple applications for oil in our daily lives, as well as the high environmental, safety, energy efficiency and innovation standards that Cepsa upholds at its facilities.

The visitors, mainly from Campo de Gibraltar and neighboring municipalities like Malaga and Estepona, were able to see in person the industrial processes at the chemical plant and refinery, as well as the fire station and the Madrevieja Environmental Station, accompanied by employees of Cepsa and qualified environmental monitors.

The Open Days, which have been ongoing since 2007 and in which over 5,000 people have taken part so far, are a testament to Cepsa's sense of commitment to and transparency regarding the environment. The Open Days are in addition to the various institutional, educational, associational and technical visits the Company carries out annually in order to show itself to the outside world and promote closer ties with the community. In 2016 alone, over 2,400 people visited Cepsa's facilities in San Roque.

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