YosoyTenerife welcomes nearly 60 ambassadors from Cepsa

04 Mar 2019

    • The appointment ceremony took place at the company’s flagship service station, located in Taco

A total of 58 Cepsa employees joined the ranks of ambassadors in the #YoSoyTenerife campaign today, which aims to raise awareness about tourism and is sponsored by the Island Council through the Tenerife Department of Tourism. The energy company thus further strengthens the collaboration that began at the beginning of the month with its support for the campaign manifesto. With its signature, it agrees to foster a culture of tourism and to spotlight its positive impact on the island community and its quality of life.

The new ambassadors were appointed at a ceremony that took place this morning at Cepsa’s flagship service station in Taco, a smart facility that opened just a few months ago, with the president of the Island Council, Carlos Alonso, and the director of Cepsa on the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, in attendance.

Alonso expressed his appreciation for the involvement of the company and its employees in the #YosoyTenerife campaign “so that we are all aware of how important the tourism industry is, and of the economic and social benefits it provides for the island”. Thanks to these new ambassadors, “the campaign will be present not only when they provide services to tourists who come to fill up with gas or make purchases at Cepsa service stations, but they’ll also have the opportunity to transmit its philosophy to the local population, to make them aware of the importance of the tourism industry”.

The director of Cepsa on the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, recalled that the company’s commitment to the islands spans over 89 years and is currently represented by “the development of new products such as gas cylinders and latest generation asphalt for the airports of the Canary Islands”.

In this regard, he asserted that Cepsa’s commitment to the ‘Yo soy Tenerife’ campaign would be seen in all 29 of the service stations installed across the island and in initiatives sponsored by Fundación Cepsa, such as the ‘Energy Campus’, in which the company participates along with some 1,300 students.

Furthermore, he thanked the president of the Tenerife Island Council, Carlos Alonso, for fostering initiatives such as this one, “to help Tenerife continue to be a top-quality destination for all tourists”.

The recognition of the Cepsa ambassadors highlights the company’s decisive and highly professional contribution to the development of Tenerife and, in particular, to the tourism industry, through its efforts and commitment to providing quality service through a company that guarantees the island's energy supply by land, sea and air, and that fosters the development of business activities that are essential to the islands, such as its ports and airports.

Founded in Tenerife nearly 90 years ago, Cepsa is firmly committed to spotlighting the importance of the tourism industry on the island as a driver of economic development and job creation. The company is proud of its ties to society on Tenerife and therefore is committed to continuing to support tourism, a crucial industry for the economy and well-being on the island.


By signing the manifesto, Cepsa has placed its network of service stations, a total of 29 on the island, visited by nearly 120,000 consumers each month, at the disposal of the Tenerife Tourism Department for the implementation of the #YoSoyTenerife campaign. To this end, campaign posters and other materials will be displayed and information leaflets and stickers will be given to customers.

The company will also promote the messages in the initiative guidelines among its employees on the island, offering encouraging data for island society, such as the fact that tourism generates 11 million euros per day on Tenerife, that the island is connected to 160 destinations around the world thanks to the tourism industry, that it creates one out of every four jobs and that just 3% of the land area on the island is occupied by tourism businesses.

By signing the agreement, Cepsa also agrees to promote the campaign on its website, to devote a mural to the “Sumérgete en Santa Cruz” [Plunge into Santa Cruz] initiative, to promote the values of #YoSoyTenerife, and to publicize the campaign on its social networks.

In addition, the manifesto declares its support for continuing to use local suppliers as a source of sustainability for the island, and for integrating the contents of the initiative into some of the information and training activities carried out by Cepsa and Fundación Cepsa, such as school field trips within the ‘Energy Campus’ program - in which about a thousand school children from 33 schools on the island participate - or the Cepsa-Santa Cruz Liaison Committee, to name a few.

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