Cepsa's "Public Advisory Panel" in Huelva evaluates a year conditioned by COVID-19

16 Dec 2020

    • This group was formed to maintain dialog, exchange information and improve transparency in the energy and chemical company's relationship with its surroundings
    • It is formed by leaders of different social, professional and business groups in the province
Cepsa has held a new meeting with the members of its Public Advisory Panel, a vehicle that was born in Huelva two years ago for the purpose of dialogue and information exchange to improve the relationship between the energy company and society, respond to possible citizen concerns and encourage different groups from the province to get involved in the sustainability of industry.

This Panel, composed of about twenty opinion leaders linked to different social, professional and/or business groups, held this second annual meeting via videoconference for prevention reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the topics presented current issues at Cepsa were discussed: Temporary redundancies (ERTE) in La Rábida Refinery, the actions of Cepsa and Fundación Cepsa in the face of COVID-19, collaboration agreements in different fields of action signed by Fundación Cepsa with public and private entities, and the most recent certifications and audits in the industrial centers, as well as other matters that have occurred in recent months.

Through the Public Advisory Panel, Cepsa wants to maintain constant dialogue with the society of Huelva, providing detailed information on the current situation of its industrial centers and answering concerns, in line with the social commitment and informational transparency that characterizes the company. The objective of this “external consultancy” panel is to expand knowledge of Cepsa's context and thus improve relations with society by establishing a group of people. Additionally, through permanent information this participatory committee identifies points for improvement, questions and debate on matters of common interest. In other words, its members can become the channel of dialogue between Cepsa, the groups and the society they belong to.

With this initiative that is also present in its centers in the Campo de Gibraltar and Canary Islands, Cepsa is committed to a social relationship based on direct, two-way and continuous communication regarding Company aspects that generate citizens' interest or concern (safety, environmental impacts, projects, Corporate Responsibility actions). The main objectives are to discover the opinions, concerns and worries of society firsthand, as well as to bring Cepsa's activity closer to the population, avoid rumors and/or unnecessary misinformation and reconcile economic progress with the well-being and quality of life of the area of influence.

In addition to this "Public Advisory Panel", other actions to open the company up to society — such as Open Doors days, visits of private or public institutions or educational dissemination programs like the Energy Campus — allow Cepsa to build a closer relationship with its nearby area.
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