Cepsa renews its quality certification at La Hondura Maritime Terminal

24 Nov 2020

    • A standard that puts the spotlight on organizations that voluntarily contribute to improving port services
Cepsa has renewed its certification at La Hondura Maritime Terminal in accordance with the “Quality of service for bulk goods terminal concessionaires” at State Ports, after successfully passing the annual audit conducted by the external verifier AENOR.

This is a voluntary certificate that validates the quality of the service provided under maritime concessions, in this case that of the Tenerife Refinery, seen from a variety of perspectives: updating the installations and safety devices, order and cleanliness, waste separation, labelling/signaling and providing the means to combat accidental marine pollution, worker training and efficient administration, among others.

This is a standard that validates the quality of the activities performed by shipping companies, port terminal concessionaires and general-interest port service providers. Cepsa is therefore working to continuously enhance services at the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife by investing in maintenance and regular improvements at La Hondura, which also entails a bonus in the port activity rate.

In this annual evaluation, conducted by AENOR over two working days with participation from 12 internal speakers from different Cepsa divisions, all activity-related aspects at La Hondura were address from the point of view of operations, safety and prevention measures, customer service and facility maintenance.

Cepsa's director in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, points out that "the Tenerife Refinery is characterized by its ability to meet the highest of quality standards and exceed that which is required by regulation, as shown by this certification, which we have held for 9 years and which demonstrates excellence in our activities."

"Cepsa has always proactively integrated quality into its management. This new voluntary certification is another step forward along the path of continuous improvement, which is another one of the values that characterizes Cepsa," assures the director.

Throughout the year, Cepsa submits the main aspects that govern its activity, Safety, Environment, Quality and Energy Efficiency, to various internal and external audits across its facilities that accredit the excellence of its management and production processes.
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