The Cepsa Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery Obtains Occupational Health and Safety Certification

15 Jun 2020

    • This is the third Cepsa center to adopt the new standard
    • It includes new developments, such as workers from all levels actively participating in occupational health and safety

The Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery has become the third Cepsa center to certify its Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) System under the ISO 45001:2018 standard after successfully passing the recent audit by the external certifier, AUDELCO.

The new standard, which was implemented by the refinery on a voluntarily basis and which replaced OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment), incorporates improvements that consolidate the safe and healthy working conditions of this operating center while strengthening the preventive culture that has always characterized it, eliminating hazards and proactively reducing risks.

Strengthening the leadership and commitment of senior management stand out among the improvements resulting from implementation of the new certification. Other aspects include promoting the consultation and active participation of workers at all levels, by providing the mechanisms, time, training and resources needed to achieve this.

The organization's responsibility has also been increased, as it must now promote the physical and mental health of its workers as well as protecting them. Thus, workers' wellbeing at work is now assessed in terms of their emotions or feelings about their work and professionalism (assessment, respect, development, etc.), along with other aspects that can improve the working environment (work-life balance, flexibility of working hours, remote working etc.).

In addition, this standard places greater emphasis on the need for continuous improvement and on the development of indicators to demonstrate this progress, all through ongoing evaluation and monitoring. It also enhances compliance with legal requirements by requiring proof of this progress.

The Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery was recently awarded the ISO 45001 certification by external certifier AUDELCO, which highlights the maturity of the refinery’s Health and Safety Management System. The audit took 7 days and was carried out mostly remotely through online meetings, involving 23 representatives from different departments in the company and 5 auditors.

Alvaro Camacho, Head of Safety at the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery, points out that “the migration from OHSAS 18001 to the ISO 45001 certification is an important milestone for progress in terms of participation, leadership and continuous improvement.”

Cepsa expects its remaining San Roque operating centers to receive ISO 45001 certification this year.

From OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001
Cepsa has always proactively integrated the occupational health and safety of its employees and ancillary companies into its management, providing safe and healthy workplaces to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration, by minimizing risks and eliminating hazards, taking into account the participation of workers and their representatives in the process.

As a result of this, the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery adopted the OHSAS 18001 standard in 2005 as a benchmark for managing its hazards and risks. The standard has now been replaced by the even more demanding ISO 45001.
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The Cepsa Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery Obtains Occupational Health and Safety Certification
  • The Cepsa Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery Obtains Occupational Health and Safety Certification
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