Staff at Tenerife Refinery takes part in Tenerife Solidario’s special coronavirus crowdfunding campaign

01 Jun 2020

    • The contribution of almost €40,000 will help 25 charities achieve their fundraising target to alleviate the effects of the health crisis

The staff at Tenerife Refinery has decided, with the unanimous support of its Company Committee, to collaborate with the top 25 charities signed up to the special COVID-19 crowdfunding page set up by Tenerife Solidario, to help address the effects of the coronavirus crisis among the island's most vulnerable people.

To do this, they have donated €39,040 from their social fund, which was initially going to be spent on aid for the refinery's workers, to cover 40% of the fundraising target set by the 25 NGOs.

The projects that will benefit from the donation include projects related to support for people with various types of sensory, motor and mental disabilities; drug dependence; diseases such as breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and childhood illnesses; environmental projects and more.

Cepsa's director in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Fernández-Sabugo, has applauded the solidarity shown by the workforce at Cepsa through the Company Committee. "As a company, we are proud to have a team that is so committed to the needs of society," said Fernández-Sabugo, who also stressed that "Cepsa is aware of and recognizes the great value of this human capital."

For his part, the chairman of the Company Committee, Alain Perera, explained that "both this and other recent contributions made by workers of this operational center aim to help the parts of society in Tenerife that have been affected by the current health crisis."

The special COVID-19 crowdfunding page, launched by Tenerife Solidario, a body of the Island Council of Tenerife, is a project made available to the island's non-profit organizations to alleviate situations arising from the state of alarm caused by the pandemic, by mobilizing economic and non-economic resources.

Initiatives receiving the aid

The initiatives supported by the staff at the Cepsa Refinery in Tenerife include the campaigns undertaken by Fundación Tutelar Sonsoles Soriano and the Tenerife Breast Cancer Association (Ámate).

The other NGOs in the social and healthcare field receiving aid are the Canary Islands Asperger Association (Aspercan), Tenerife Multiple Sclerosis Association (Atem), Santa Cruz de Tenerife Parkinson's Patients and Families Provincial Association (Parkitfe) and the Canary Islands Association of People with Deafblindness (Asocide Canarias). They also include the Association of Celiacs and People with Gluten Intolerance in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Acet), the Canary Islands Federation of Associations of Deaf People (Fasican), the Riendas Vivas Association, the ALDIS Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Diseases and the Avívate Tenerife Association to promote of the health of cancer patients and their families.

In the area of social integration, the entities that will receive donations from staff at Cepsa’s Tenerife Refinery are the Ángeles Tacuense sports union, Proyecto Hombre Canario, and the associations Intervención Social Atlántico (Aisa), Gitana Karipen, Inclúyeme, the Canarian Foundation El Buen Samaritano, the Tenerife Food Bank and the sociocultural association Danzarte en Movimiento Canarias.

Support will also be provided to the Signo de Vida Association of Tenerife and the ANIDA Association and the Nahia Association for formerly fostered young people.

The list of projects supported by Cepsa workers also includes three initiatives related to environmental conservation and care, and comprise the campaigns run by the social association Finca Berta, the agro-ecological and cultural association La Alegría de la Huerta and the pro-social association Mi Barrio El Carmen Se Mueve.

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