did you know that cepsa carries out close to 85 initiatives to grow in a sustainable way?

In 2013 we launched our first Master Plan. Since that time we have a roadmap in place to strengthen the responsible management of our business and develop the best practices in the area of Corporate Responsibility.

From 2017 to 2019 we designed a new Plan to lead our sustainable growth strategy. Starting from internal and external analysis and taking into account the expectations of our stakeholder, we have detected the most important subjects to be included in our Plan. We have structured them into 10 action blocks and designed concrete actions to carry them out.

  • corporate governance:

    We strive to be aligned with the best practices in Corporate Governance and Responsibility.

  • ethics and compliance:

     We work under a regulatory framework and solid ethics, which our professionals understand and put into practice in their daily work.

  • Transparency:

    We use the best transparency practices in our reporting processes and we establish adequate communication channels with our stakeholders.

          • sustainable growth:

            We look for the most appropriate tools to assure sustainable growth based on three axes: risk management, brand value, and the focus on the customer.

  • innovaTIOn:

    We promote environments to favor the generation of ideas and innovative techniques to improve process efficiency across the whole value chain.

  • Safety:

    We fulfil at all times our duty to protect the safety of our professionals, of the environment and stakeholders, as well as of our assets, information systems and reputation.


    We maximize management models to allow us to have committed people and diverse teams and with the talent necessary to meet our strategic goals.

  • environment:

    We promote the best practices to achieve the most efficient management possible regarding our work with the environment and of the risks and opportunities for water resources and climate change.

  • responsible supply chain:

    We promote values and standards in our company across the supply chain.

  • social wellbeing:

    We define the ethical guidelines for the Fundación Cepsa and the social initiatives that we carry out to maximize the Fundación’s resources and the impact of our programs.

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