Equality Plan

We promote a working environment without any kind of gender discrimination. We have established programs to ensure that the right to equal opportunities is a reality and is effective, avoiding any gender discrimination.
In this regard, the entry into force of the Ley de Igualdad (Gender Equality Act) has promoted the standardization of this matter.


Our company has had an Equality Plan since 2010. The Board and employees work to promote and ensure that, progressively, we achieve effective equality between men and women. In addition, as part of this Equality Plan, we have developed a protocol against sexual, moral or gender-based harassment at Cepsa, to ensure that complaints of this nature are handled appropriately, objectively and confidentially.
More and more companies in the Group are adopting this approach to Equality, you can consult these commitments to Equality here. 


In addition, to reiterate its commitment in this area, the company has produced the document "The CEPSA Group's Position on Equality," has been distributed to all our subsidiary companies and suppliers.