We have created a governance model to ensure our company's commitment to the Diversity and Inclusion Program. This model has the support and involvement of senior management and consists of three committees.


Objectives of the governance model

The main purpose of the model is to create mechanisms to define, monitor, measure and support the program. This ensures that the initiatives are aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

  1. To understand the current situation and degree of organizational maturity in terms of diversity and inclusion at Cepsa
  2. To respond in an agile manner to the demands and needs of different stakeholders 
  3. To facilitate the creation of a culture of inclusion
  4. To be the drivers and figurehead of a culture of diversity and inclusion

Human Rights Policy

The aim of this policy is to establish guidelines to direct the behavior of our directors and employees, as well as that of third parties with whom we do business, in compliance with human and labor rights. In the context of labor, this policy seeks to promote the absence of discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race or any other personal characteristic.