At Cepsa we participate in different initiatives and business associations as part of our commitment to responsible management and sustainable development.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We comply with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in each and every one of the countries where we operate.


Global Compact

Since 2005 we have adhered to the United Nation’s Global Compact, and we form part of the Spanish Network of the Compact. This allows our company to integrate 10 principles related to human rights, working rights, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

We adhere to all of the Fundamental Principles promoted by the ILO.


Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

We follow the guidelines for multi-national companies set out by the OECD. This ensures that we act responsibly with regards to our process of internationalization.


Biodiversity Pact

We have signed the Biological Diversity Pact and adhere to the Spanish Business and Biodiversity Initiative through the Biodiversity Foundation which forms part of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.

Responsible Care

We adhere to the Responsible Care program of the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation. This strengthens our commitment to continuous improvement in matters of safety, health welfare, and the environment.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Our Company is certified by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Diversity Charter

We have signed the Diversity Charter as a show of our support for basic principles such as equal opportunities, anti-discrimination, cultural, social, and demographic diversity in the working environment at Cepsa.


Family Responsible Company

The Másfamilia foundation has awarded us the Family Responsible company certification for adopting measures to promote work quality, equal opportunities and work-life balance.

Companies Against Domestic Violence

We were one of the first companies to sign up to this initiative promoted by the Spanish Health, Social Services and Equality Ministry.



We are members of the Association for the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication. As members we are committed to producing commercial communications in a responsible way and respecting the rights of our consumers and competitors.

Online Trust

We have an Online Trust stamp granted by the Federation for Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing, the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce, and the Spanish Advertisers Association. This allows us to guarantee transparency, safety, and trust for all users who use or make purchases via our website.

Fundación SERES

We are members of Fundación SERES, a non-governmental organization that promotes the commitment of companies to improve society with responsible actions that generate value for all.


We are members of Forética, an association of companies and professionals of corporate social responsibility / sustainability with active presence in Spain and Latin America.