Cepsa faces up to the risks and maximizes opportunities

We operate across five continents in order to always offer you the best energy solutions. This means that there are occasionally external political, economic or regulatory circumstances that may affect our business. To confront them in the most efficient way we have developed an Integral Risk Management System. We manage risks using a common strategy, identifying and dealing with them at all levels, both at a corporate and business level, and for the company.


Our work covers four types of risks spread across four main groups while always maintaining our focus on shareholder returns, financial solidity and sustainable growth.

Strategy and Planning

They are related to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability and are caused by the economic, competition or regulatory landscape of a country.

Financial and Markets

They concern price variation of raw materials, interest rates, the management of credit risk and more.


These concern efficiency of operations such as the supply of products, the management of transport or of people.

Regulatory or ComplianCE

Linked to the evolution of regulations regarding the business or sector in which we operate.

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Risks Map


        1. We always look for new business opportunities across all our business areas to compensate for negative shocks.
        2. We are an integrated company. This allows us to be more efficient in our processes and establish synergies between different business areas.
        3. We focus on those areas with the best growth prospects to face changes in the marketplace.
        4. We are part of the Mubadala group, which allows us to create strategic alliances with big names in the sector and benefit from economies of scale.
        5. We invest in innovation. It is fundamental for us to be able to optimize our processes and helps us to stay ahead of regulatory changes.