We always look after the environment

At Cepsa we control the impact of our businesses, products and services on the environment. We do it thanks to an Environmental Management system established and audited by the international ISO 14001 regulation. We bear in mind both the legal requirements as well as the information on significant environmental issues to develop our main areas of management.

    1. We develop, maintain, and make sure the procedures that govern our actions in environmental affairs are met, in a way that the obligation and responsibilities for everyone are clear at every level of our organization.
    2. We employ emergency procedures and we train our professionals to respond in a fast and efficient way to environmental incidents that may occur, through drills and practical exercises and by adopting measures to improve behavior.
    3. We communicate our position with regards to Environmental Protection to everyone who is part of Cepsa, both to our own staff as well as service companies and other interested parties.
    4. We promote innovation in environmental affairs to advance in our path towards excellence.
    5. We periodically evaluate our environmental management system and its compliance to continuously improve.
    6. We promote transparency of all our businesses with our relationship with society, stakeholders, our customers, and our professionals.

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