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Cepsa is a great company thanks to the close to 10,000 experts who work here with the same DNA: technical excellence and the ability to adapt. We are supported by innovation and efficiency, but also in the values that define us as a company.

We are a company that is…


We are a robust, dynamic company with over 80 years of experience. We offer stable employment and a made-to-measure system of social benefits for each worker.


We are among the best valued companies for the conditions we offer our workers. Our Company is valued as a leader in human resources, which is testified by the Top Employer certification.


Work-life balance is part of our culture. We believe that investing in work-life measures is investing in satisfaction, motivation, commitment, and in turn, efficiency. We have begun a process for all our companies to certify them as a Flexible and Responsible Company. Over 100 work-life balance measures help us to achieve it.


We have a commitment to the training and development of our professionals. That’s why we give them a virtual campus full of resources for every stage of their professional development, and internal mobility programs to drive their career forward.


A key concern at Cepsa is ensuring that equal opportunities are a reality. We identify and develop everyone’s full potential by looking for the right capabilities for a job position independent of their sex, age, origin, culture, or any type of disability.


The health of our workers matters to us and we have the Your Health Moves Us program through which we promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of our professionals using our own Medical Services area, healthy eating workshops, sporting platforms, quit smoking campaigns, and more.


The safety of our workers is one of our top priorities. Besides guaranteeing optimal standards at our installations for our staff, we also carry out plans and learning programs to raise safety awareness among our staff.


Cepsa’s values are integrated into our culture and we promote them through Cepsa’s Values Recognitions Program. The program awards people and teams who best represent their commitment through values such as solidarity, team-work, safety, or continuous improvement.


One of the best ways to help us continuously improve is by incorporating new ways of working into our company. Our headquarters, Cepsa Tower, is a clear example of this model, which we have rolled out to offices and industrial sites in other countries such as Abu Dhabi, China and Colombia.

      1. We created ‘neighborhoods’ to bring people closer together and stimulate team collaboration.
      2. At our offices there are no personal offices or fixed desks. All the office space is open to encourage team work.
      3. We have different types of meeting rooms and installations with the latest technology such as clickshare to project work, touch screens to reserve meeting rooms, interactive screens, wifi on every floor, and more.
      4. We have transformed Cepsa into a paperless office. We created the Document Management Center, which centralizes and organizes in an efficient way all physical documentation, office materials, and the digitization of information.
      5. We have a scanning system so workers can send any document to a personal virtual space.
      6. At our headquarters and commercial centers, our workers have the opportunity to work remotely to help with their work-life balance. 

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