Society and communities

Promoting growth in local communities

Maintaining responsible and transparent relationships with the communities where we operate is an essential and integral part of our businesses and operations. This helps us to generate wealth in society and collaborate to its economic, social and environmental development. We achieve this principally through two ways: integrating ourselves in the environment and developing social projects.



We integrate into society in the countries and regions where we operate to create an environment of collaboration and to favor the growth of local wealth. We respect every culture and we have internal procedures to maintain a two-way dialogue with communities. Among them we have communication and participation channels such as open days at our sites, community committees or public consultations to tell them about our possible projects.



We invest in social actions to meet the needs and priorities of society at a local level and in this way strengthen our social commitment.


      1. Community development: At our centers and sites we carry out projects focused on improving the quality of life of those groups most in need.
      2. Support for culture and education. We promote cultural activities that preserve local customs and their historical and artistic heritage. We also collaborate with institutions to promote scientific research, education and the job prospects of the local population.
      3. Promotion of sports. We back sporting activities for children and young people to promote healthy lifestyles and values such as hard work and collaboration.
      4. Environmental education. We develop initiatives to raise awareness about respect for the environment, biodiversity, and environment protection.
      5. Corporate volunteering. Our professionals take part in voluntary initiatives across the world.
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