OUR suppliers

Creating solid and long-lasting relationships

The transparency of purchasing and contracting processes help us to maintain relationships built on trust and collaboration with over 5,000 suppliers. We work together to promote the values and standards of Cepsa across the whole supply chain and we maximize dialogue using several communication channels.

    • Suppliers’ area: On our webpage there is a private area to participate in purchasing and contracting processes, where they can make queries and comments whenever they wish to.
    • Guide to Relationship with Suppliers: Covers our relationship and the tools that our suppliers have available. Remember that you will only have access to it once you are registered.
    • Ethics Channel: In the Suppliers Code of Ethics we look at the basic principles that we share with our suppliers, such as the respect for working rights or the environment. If a case arises when the code is not met, they can report any incident or irregularity through our Ethics Channel.
    • Events: We hold days such as Supplier Day to talk to them about our strategy, find out about their experiences, and listen to their concerns.
    • Satisfaction Survey: This simple form allows us to get to know the opinion our suppliers have of Cepsa and how they evaluate us compared with other companies. That helps us to continuously improve.
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