Industrial Doctorates


This program is born with the aim of promoting research and development in the business units of our company, with a focus on business excellence. In addition, we would like to contribute to the promotion and strengthening of relations between the university and the productive sector, contributing to the internationalization of the socio-economic network.


Therefore, we give you the opportunity to develop your industrial thesis in different lines of business (chemistry, refining, exploration and production). You will be advised by Cepsa's most qualified experts and you will use the latest technology. 

What profiles are we looking for?

We are looking for proactive individuals, eager to learn, and able to bring value and innovative ideas to the different research projects we are carrying out in the company.


This program is intended for profiles that meet the following requirements:

    • Persons who are enrolled or pre-accepted in a doctoral program of universities that a Fundación Cepsa Chair.
    • The industrial research or experimental development project to be carried out has to be directly related to the thesis in question.
    • The predoctoral researcher should be exclusively devoted to the research project.

What do we offer you?

    1. Expert Advisory

      You will have the advice of our employees from the very beginning to help you in the development of your thesis.

    2. Contracted labor

      You will have a work contract during your research process. Cepsa will hire the predoctoral researcher for a thesis that meets all the necessary requirements for obtaining the Industrial Mention. Furthermore, all labor costs shall be borne by Cepsa in accordance with the current labor regulations.

Fundación Cepsa Chairs

Check the calls for the chairs in which our foundation collaborates with different Spanish universities.

New doctoral thesis

Fundación Cepsa and the University of Cádiz have launched the development of an innovative thesis for the detection of aromatic compounds derived from oil using an electronic nose.

More information
"There is no better learning opportunity than make a doctoral thesis under the collaboration of university and company."
Elena Pérez Guevara
Researcher of the Refining Department, Cepsa Research Center.