Prior to joining Cepsa, you have to go through our selection process. Each process fits the profile that we are looking for, although they always have a common structure. The goal is to meet you. So don´t worry, relax during the process and show us all that you can offer to our company. 

Throughout the process you can see the status of your application, maintaining a two-way communication with us.  

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1. Application for the post

Register by completing your CV and, if you find a vacancy that fits your profile, apply!

2. First contact

We will contact you via phone so we can get to know each other better and talk you through the next steps.


3. Psychometric aptitude and personality testing

In certain selection processes, you will need to complete a series of tests to give us more information about your profile.

4. Interview with HR

After the initial phases have been successfully completed, we will arrange an interview with you (online/on-site).

5. English test

If required for the vacancy, you will need to take a test during the selection process to determine your level of English.

6. Interview with the manager of the position

The final phase of our selection process is an interview with the person managing the role you are applying for.

7. End of the process

If you are the selected candidate, human resources will contact you to confirm the final employment conditions


  1. Research

    Look up information on our history, customers, projects…This will help you to have a global vision of Cepsa and know what you may bring to the company.

  2. Prepare questions

    We want to get to know you, but we're sure you want to find out about us too. Tell us about any doubts you may have and
    remember that your questions say a lot about you.

  3. Know your own CV

    Think about the things that might be interesting for your interviewer and what may attract their attention. This will help you to have a better idea of your strong and weak points.

  4. Take care of your image

    The first impression counts. Be punctual and avoid wearing clothes that distract from what really matters: your pitch.

  5. Listen closely

    Follow the indications of your interviewer and try to give clear and concise answers.