Challenging U - International School


This program is born with the aim of providing the industry with the resources it needs. The aim is to train future employees who will lead the energy transition.


In addition, we give you the opportunity to promote your career by training abroad where you will develop new skills and knowledge from our industry employees.

What profiles are we looking for?

We are looking for proactive individuals, with a drive for teamwork, eager to learn and able to excel in meeting challenges such as the energy transition. 

This program is intended for profiles that meet the following requirements:

    • Recent graduates in engineering
    • High level of English 
    • Good academic record
    • Availability to travel
    • Competencies related to our values
    • Interested in the energy sector

What do we offer you?

    1. International expertise

      In the first year we offer a Master's Degree at the IFP School in Paris for 10 months. Cepsa will not only bear the tuition and internship costs, but will also provide financial support.

    2. Language training

      This program also includes an intensive language course at the IFP School for students who need to learn French.

    3. Contracted labor

      In the second year we offer a Cepsa employment contract following completion of the Master’s Degree.

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