Artificial Intelligence and safety in the workspace

Workers’ safety is a major concern for companies in the energy sector, where there are number of  physical, chemical and biological risks.  

In these environments, rules and processes have been de­signed and implemented in order to limit and con­trol dangerous and risky situations. However, well established views among the workforce can make it difficult to correctly apply such guidelines, therefo­re increasing the risk of incidents.

These characteristics among professionals include over confidence, lack of risk awareness, and distraction. Workers’ fatigue also contributes to these factors.

As Industry 4.0 becomes commonplace, advances in technology (e.g. real-time com­munication, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), human-machine cooperation, remote sensors, monitoring and process control, autonomous equi­pment and interconnectivity) allow us to increase how we monitor the workplace environ­ment, and give us enormous potential to improve safety.  

The ability to give instant feedback if a job is carried out incorrectly, as well as the ability to provide immediate information concerning risks around us, may help us to radically trans­form safety practices and culture.

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"Advances in Industry 4.0. technology show enormous potential to improve safety”.
Miguel Ángel Velasco
Data Scientist in Cepsa