Automation as the key to process optimization

Process automation to add value to our activities

Robotic process automation involves systematizing repetitive processes through software so that a "robot" can emulate and integrate the actions of human interaction into digital systems to execute a process.

Robotic automation of processes in Cepsa's Economic and Financial area. Through this project, we have automated more than 30 processes, which robots are now performing in various areas, helping people perform tasks more quickly and efficiently.

The early stages have not been easy and at Cepsa, we have not been oblivious to the challenges. The re-analyses of the processes and fragmentation posed a great challenge in the reengineering of processes because they contain multiple exceptions. Another obstacle that we overcame is how to control the new "employees" in terms of auditing and safety, a challenge for which the resolution is grounded in these teams being heavily involved in the project.

Best of all, our professionals have quickly become accustomed to the new way of working from the implementation of RPA, evolving from performing repetitive tasks to supervising their new robot "colleague." 

The Information Systems Management team believe that this type of technology helps us to accelerate the process of adapting to the new technologies and cultures characteristic of the fourth industrial revolution, which we are experiencing now.

Robots have helped us improve our processes, reduce the time spent working on tasks, and improve our customer service. Reducing workload is therefore only an intermediate result and it should not be the aim.

We have acquired great internal knowledge when automating processes and we are still learning things on a daily basis. We need to take advantage of the benefits it can offer so that our activities have greater added value.

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"With RPA technology, employees can delegate monotonous and repetitive tasks to their Robot colleagues and spend more time on other, more valuable tasks."
José Morales Quiles
Corporate Systems — Information Systems Management
"We are one of the Top 10 companies in Spain that use robotics to improve customer service and the daily work carried out by our professionals."
Alberto Vilches Guijarro
Projects and Processes - CBS