Digitization as a tool to face challenges with efficiency and agility

We have 14 cross-area themes that our projects are centered on. To do this, we adopt new methodologies and tools to help make us more agile and efficient, with the aim of developing digital innovation to optimize our value chain.



To work/manufacture safer, to prevent the occurrence of incidents/accidents; real-time key risk indicators, predictive analytics and AI for the audit plan; to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and free lawyers’ time to work on top-value tasks and analysis.

2. Yield, Energy & Throughput Optimization (YET).

Dynamic calculation of perfect set – points for every operating condition

3. Facilities: faster, cheaper, safer

Data driven suggestions for design choices, layout, scheduling, sourcing and on-site construction

4. Integrated supply chain automation

Location and status of every product, container and vehicle in the world 

5. Field and plant robotics and mechanical automation

Introduction of multiple generations of autonomous vehicles, sensor networks, and remote control systems

6. Well quality, design, execution.

Advanced analytics/machine learning driven offset well analysis, technical design, and real-time management

7. Digital field operations

24/7 connectivity between staff, systems and processes organized for maximum profitability and safety

8. Predictive maintenance

Prediction of time-to-failure combined with pro-active maintenance practices to achieve maximum reliability/cost

9. People Analytics: performance & potential

360 degree perspective of the past, present and future of each employee, team, and division

10. Spend analytics: clean sheet and category analytics

Insight into every euro spent in the past, to inform critical negotiations and acquisitions in the future


11. Customer omni-channels management

Instant and complete understanding of history, motives, and opportunities to influence customer spend

12. Revenue/margin management

Real time tracking and forecasting of euro/hour metrics for revenue, margin, and cash flow per economic unit

13. Robotic process automation for corporate functions:

Automation of desktop operational processes in corporate functions to increase efficiency

14. New business models

Launch of new businesses, leveraging all remaining digital levers to untap new sources of value

How does digital innovation affect the energy value chain?