Continuous improvement as the key to process automation

We innovate to offer the best

At our Company we remain firmly committed to the principle of continuous improvement and following the implementation of our “Dynamic Pricing - Power App” project, we can now automatically offer our customers more attractive and competitively priced electricity packages.

So how did we do it?

The exponential growth of our electricity business is a hard fact, because each year we earn more customers and manage more MWh. However, all this growth has revealed some deficiencies in our processes, which we have been resolving with the help and support of the team of experts that make up our Gas and Electricity division.

Electricity prices change hourly and are negotiated twelve hours ahead of day “D”. On top of all this uncertainty, we have the fact that most customers require a fixed price for a future period so they can budget and plan their finances accordingly.

This digital transformation initiative was created to overcome the problem by relying on the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. The aim is not only to streamline processes but also to allow our customers to budget more effectively by controlling the risks and uncertainty caused by rapidly fluctuating market prices.

The result

We have created a product that gives us an accurate picture of the power marketing portfolio in real time, while letting us automate the process of calculating contract renewal offers. It also factors in prevailing market conditions, thus providing our customers with more competitive and realistic prices.

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Theme: Integrated supply chain automation
  • Theme: Integrated supply chain automation