The digital experience of our employees in the transformation


The objective of turning ourselves into a Data Driven, Agile company led us, in 2018, to create our Digital Transformation area. At Cepsa, we are firmly committed to evolution and continuous improvement. Digital technology helps us to detect problems and needs and to make decisions in the most agile way possible.

Since the launch of this area, we have developed digital products that have helped our businesses to be more efficient and sustainable. We have achieved this thanks to the participation of business specialists alongside professionals with digital discipline profiles such as Data Scientists or Data Engineers.




Projects based on data, algorithms and visualization have highlighted the need to transfer these skills to all areas of the company. To achieve this scalability, we have put in place an innovative program in the sector, Cepsa Digital Experience (CDX), which provides employees with knowledge and skills relating to digital transformation from an experiential approach.

This training program focuses on six areas or categories: Advanced Analytics, Data access and viewing, Process automation and New streamlined working methods, or Application development and using Cloud infrastructures. We currently have more than 40 different programs that give students (Digital Hikers) the tools they need to solve real, everyday problems. All programs are divided into 3 blocks:
    • "GO LEARN": students learn about new tools, methods and/or digital disciplines through theoretical classes with our teachers (Digital Sherpas).
    • "GO BUILD": students take part in a real Digital Transformation initiative where they will apply, with the help from a mentor, what they learned in the phase prior to building the real product.
    • "GO TRANSFORM": students design and solve a real problem that they may face in their daily life by applying the acquired skills and knowledge.

When the programs finish, the trainees go on join a practical community where they continue to share knowledge and trends relating to the various disciplines or to help with problem solving.


Cepsa has received the blockchain certificate as a winner in the Experiences category by the CDX project.










Labs: Digital research


The CDX program relies on the Labs research departments, made up of members of the Digital Transformation area, who research trends related to the application of new technology in the energy industry. The objective is to finish with a viable proof of concept or even a digital product to develop for the rest of the organization. The themes worked on appear subsequently in the CDX program catalog, thus having a model that is constantly reviewed and adapted.

"These methodologies teach you to cope with situations or projects that have a greater degree of uncertainty. It's important to be prepared to work in different ways."
Fátima Rodríguez de Rivera Meneses
Scrum Master Program Participant
"Through putting these skills into practice and the experience in initiatives and real products, we will achieve the upskilling of our employees."
Arturo López-Brea Giménez
Product Owner CDX