The interactive digital model - a solution for avoiding errors in industrial design

We have introduced a system to increase efficiency in industrial design

At Cepsa we have implemented a system that aids the management of industrial design projects. This system is the answer to completing more efficient, complex, effective, and agile projects.

How did we do it?

Managing industrial design projects is extremely complex due to the fact that various specialized companies work on them at the same time.

One of the various problems that often occurs is the existence of multiple pre-existing models and plans made with different versions of software or specifications that do not match. This causes a lack of consistency in the project design as many different departments are involved in the process. 

Once again, digital transformation has provided a solution to this problem. Here at Cepsa, we have built a system which allows units and construction plans to be designed using point clouds from existing structures based on a satellite model. 

This system allows users to simultaneously access 3D models, as well as viewing process diagrams and construction drawings of refineries and chemical plants.

The result

This new system reduces the hours spent on project design. In addition, it enables reviews to be performed and construction and design errors to be detected in the early stages of the project, while also allowing security checks to be completed which, in turn, reduces costs. . 

This innovative program is being rolled out successfully in Cepsa's plants in Spain. At the same time we are working to expand the system to other international factories, with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of projects in a company with a global vision. 

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With each project we promote the adoption of advanced design and management tools, which allow us to be more efficient and agile in decision making.
Patricia Chacón
Responsible for the Piping Department.