Increased Water Handling Project

increased water handling Project

We have developed Increased Water Handling (IWH) technology in Ourhoud, Algeria's second largest oilfield, to increase water treatment and its reinjection into the field, and in turn increase the field's production capacity.

How did we do it?

We have worked with a team of multi-skilled and multi-cultural experts to carry out the renovation of the Ourhoud Oil & Gas installations. Our objetive was to increase the treatment of water produced and the gas compression capacity of the plant to reach the level of forecast production.

We led an innovative project that includes engineering, acquisition, permits, construction, and the start-up of the plant. Timing and logistics were crucial for the project given the plant's unfavorable desert climate location.

The result

The start-up of the Increased Water Handling (IWH) at Ourhoud has had positive results and increased production capacity by 42,000 barrels a day. Here are some key data:

      1. Installation of two 20m long separators weighing 140 tons;
        the largest machines transported on Algerian roads.
      2. 80,000 inches of piping
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Peaks of workers at construction


Additional barrels


Man hours