This large scale project at the Gibraltar San Roque refinery, completed in March 2019, involves the conversion of the Isomax hydro-treatment unit into a mild hydrocracker. Hydrocracking units break products down into lighter weight products. This will help us to optimize the production of mid distillates, such as marine diesels and other diesels that have a higher added value, compared to other heavy diesel products.

how did we do it?

The engineering, procurement and construction phase took from 2015-2019, with 25 months of engineering. Isomax in fact integrates many different activities, with the largest being the installation of a new reactor, which itself took 15 months to design and fabricate, and was erected with no cranes, using alternative lifting and sliding systems. Ten maximum safety protocols were followed during this procedure.

The project saw peaks of 300 professionals working on its start-up. The project was also a strong example of collaboration and team work as around 40 companies were involved in getting it up and running, all meeting high safety standards.

the result

Isomax has led to increased production of mid distillates, which in turn will generate higher revenues at the refinery.

Investment: c. €40 million

Technology: New reactor. 18.6 meters tall, 4.4 m diameter, 220 tons weight, 100 mm wall thickness, 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Alloy Steel with SS347 cladding

Conversion of a hydro-treatment unit to a Mild hydrocracking unit.

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New reactor: higher conversion rate