The Unloading Management Terminal is a system that oversees fuel truck drivers when they unload liquid fuels at service stations, or other fuel storage facilities.

The Terminal includes a monitoring and control system to identify every type of fuel and quantity loaded on every compartment of the fuel tank thanks to TAG communication, a small hardware device that makes sure the loading outlet is connected correctly, and that can block any unload if there is a mistake.

The terminal also can supervise and guide the driver through the whole unloading process through a touch screen which shows the unloading information and state of the installation tanks.

How did we do it?

The system was developed through a joint partnership of Cepsa and Montrel. The project was begun at the end of 2015, and its national patent was granted in January 2018. The development of its last phase was concluded in July 2018, and we now have 4 pilot installations in operation.

the result

  • - We improved safety across the entire unloading process
  • - We avoid product contamination or non-authorized unloads, blocking the download valves if the wrong connection is made
  • - In turn this helps us to optimize unloading routes and times
  • - All communication is centralized with supervision from the control center

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