We are leaders in the production of linear alklybenzene and we have developed one of the most efficient technologies to produce it. Detal technology allows us to produce linear alyklbenzene (LAB), the raw material used to make biodegradable detergents (LAS), in an optimum way.

The main producers of LAB/LABSA worldwide use our technology, and at Cepsa we are still investigating to improve this process.

      • Reducing our water footprint
      • Reduce the use of raw materials (no use of hydrofluoric acid)
      • Condensing the discharge parameters
      • Decrease C02 emissions

How did we do it?

At a research level we are looking to improve the alkylation catalyst and its production processes to achieve a more sustainable LAB.

The project looks to achieve an improvement in the catalyst to boost the efficiency of the process, lower energy consumption, reduce the formation of byproducts, and produce a more sustainable LAS.

LABSA is used mainly to produce detergents worldwide but also we have developed in R&D new surfactants manufactured and used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). This technique allows us to extract more crude oil from reservoirs in comparison of conventional thanks our surfactants by decreasing the interfacial tension between the oil and injection water, reaching almost miscibility between both. 

The result

      • We prolong the life of oilfields improving crude oil recovery from oil trapped between rocks.
      • We produce products which help us to improve the recovery of crude from oilfields.
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