New Hydrogen Recovery Plant in La Rábida


Hydrogen has recently become an essential element in the oil refining industry. The need to achieve a higher degree of conversion for heavy fractions and the requirements for reducing the sulfur content from products have led to a considerable increase in hydrogen consumption.

To increase the production capacity of high-purity H2 (99.9%) and eliminate deficiencies in the complex's H2 network, we have installed a new hydrogen recovery plant (PSA) at our Huelva refinery.


To recover the hydrogen, we installed a new PSA of 33,500 Nm3/h, larger than the Hysiv unit in use until then, and comprised of a loading bottle, six adsorption beds and an Off-Gas compressor.


The new PSA removes excess low-purity H2 and generates a greater amount of high-purity hydrogen. And thanks to this process, we are able to:

    • Remove the load limitation on the Hydrocracker and Cyclohexane units.
    • Guarantee supply of the hydrogen necessary for vegetable oil hydrotreatment operations, where required consumption of this gas is higher.
    • Reduce refinery production costs.
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