PlasMagFuel Project


We innovate by using plastic to generate fuel, reduce waste and support the circular economy.

The project Catalytic Conversion of Plastic by Magnetic Nanoparticles Radiofrequency-Assisted (PlasMagFuel) is directed by Prof. Dr. Marta Muñoz (URJC) with help from Dr. Sabino Armenise (MSCA researcher). It will take place at the URJC and Cepsa facilities over a two-year period.

The project will focus on the minimization and energy recovery of plastic waste by using electromagnetic fields to transform it into liquid fuels. This project promotes the circular economy and efficient use of waste, which is a priority for the current energy situation.

The proposed process combines nanotechnology and chemical engineering to convert plastic waste molecules into fuel and petrochemical raw materials through innovating pyrolytic processes. In addition, it has a very low carbon footprint thanks to the joint application of catalysts, magnetic nanoparticles and electromagnetic fields.

PlasMagFuel is part of Got Energy Talent, a program aimed at attracting international talent that is organized by the Universities of Alcalá de Henares and Rey Juan Carlos and funded by the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions post-doctorate research fellowship program - COFUND of the European Union.

The goal of Got Energy Talent is to enable researchers to carry out their own projects and bring research closer to society, creating a positive impact and supporting the local economy.

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"We will produce fuels through the use of electromagnetic fields that will create an energy efficient and sustainable operation."
Joana Frontela
Research Center Supervisor