RASIS Project


We are working on developing new processes and techniques that allow us to obtain more sustainable heavy products.

The main objective of the RASIS project is to research the new integrated conversion system for heavy and residual hydrocarbons.

With this research, the project aims:

    • To optimize the processes needed to obtain an ultra-low-sulfur marine fuel (less than 0.5%), from economically attractive crude oil.
    • To develop, together with the Spanish National Research Council’s Institute of Carbochemistry, new analytical and characterization techniques for fuel oil with the capacity to predict the stability of fuel oil samples and the compatibility between different components of fuel oil blending.
    • Determine the quality of the heavy products obtained (fuel oils, lubricants and asphalts) and compare them with products obtained from high-sulfur crude oil.
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"Research will allow us to optimize the operating conditions of the industrial units involved in the manufacturing of this fuel".
Berta Aramburu
Senior Researcher