100 renewable,
100% efficient.


100 renewable, 100% efficient. For over 15 years we have sold our electric energy from renewable energy plants to be used at our plants and by regular consumers.

At our main industrial centers we have cogeneration electricity and steam plants, fueled by natural gas from our gas distributor. The energy that we produce is sold on the wholesale market, along with production from other energy providers be it solar, thermosolar, hydroelectric, wind cogeneration, and combined cycle.

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At our Electricity Hub we receive information on energy in real time and we adjust production to meet the needs of system operator (REE). This office operates 24 hours a day and we operate across all markets through buy/sell offers to adjust demand to the second.



We have access to the regulated COemissions market and have our own portfolios of European Emissions Allowances (EUA), Certified Emissions Reductions (CER), and European Aviation Emissions Allowances (EUAAs). This allows us to meet both the spot and long-term needs of our customers and offer them high quality products.


    • Human team. Our professionals are highly qualified and know all product modalities, power optimization, sector guidelines, and know how to manage any type of incident in a quick and efficient way.
    • Technology. We have the most experienced, robust, and safe Control Center for our own generation in the market. The unit also has a regulations area which allows us to be an active player in all electric markets and minimize re-routing costs.
    • Integration. We have an integrated management system that allows us to carry out all procedures with the electricity distributor: energy company changes, tolls management, modification of contracted energy power, releases, and more.


We have cogeneration and cyclo-generation electricity plants at our main refineries and industrial plants. This technology has allowed us to increase energy efficiency and reduce our COemissions by thousands of tons.

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date and precise information on our installations and energy consumption, as established in the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). We are also certified by Spain’s financial and markets regulator the CNMV as a provider of renewable energy.



Our business allows us to provide you with energy solutions adapted to meet your needs, which make your life easier, and help us to build a better society. Oilfields, refineries, chemicals plants, and service stations, distributed across the world to offer the best to customers.