Be Safe, Be Cepsa


At Cepsa we have a unique safety culture because everyone’s safety matters. To achieve this we focus on people, processes, installations, and transport, and we collaborate with European industrial associations in the sector.

Work safety

Safety at Cepsa is priority, both inside and outside the workplace. We have a Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Policy to reduce the risk of accidents, construct safe installations, and carry out constant maintenance checks. On top of this we have launched plans to strengthen the safety culture and to prevent risks, and a new safety procedure that covers all of our centers, staff, and collaborators. The new procedures assure that all people follow the safety rules and know our life saving rules in the case of an accident.

Security decalogue


    1. Safety comes first
    2. We build safe installations for trained professionals
    3. To work safely, we must follow the rules
    4. When we plan work well, we reduce accidents
    5. f there is an incident, we think before acting
    6. If we detect an unsafe situation, we raise the issue to correct it
    7. A safe attitude doesn’t stop when we leave work
    8. Safety is the everyone’s responsibility
    9. Great safety is made up of many actions
    10. Using safety equipment is not a right, it is a must


Safety in processes

We have implemented the Processes Safety Management System, which includes guidelines from the Energy Institute with the aim of always improving in safety. We aim to avoid industrial accidents that may happen through this system. We also define the principles to follow, we train our experts and we regularly evaluate our processes to adequately control risks.

Safety in transport

To reduce the risks of goods transportation, be it by sea, air, or road, we make sure that all of our drivers have safety training, and we give them guidelines and the tools necessary to guarantee their safety and the environment. In the case of maritime safety, we also follow the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Health and wellbeing of our professionals

Our main safety objective is to protect our professionals from the moment they leave the house to when they return at the end of the day. Through the support of our Medical Services we guarantee that work risks are in line with the physical and mental condition of our workers at every moment and we promote a healthy lifestyle. To help us do this, we carry out training activities to raise awareness among our professionals regarding driving risks, and initiatives to keep in shape.

Near miss

A near miss is an event that under different circumstances could have caused damage. Have you witnessed one in our facility? Let us know so we can investigate.


Product protection

Our Product Protection department manages in a responsible way our chemical products over their life cycle to guarantee the safety of our clients, professionals, and the environment.



Our professionals' safety is our priority. The greatest risk is believing there is no risk!