The Gas area at Cepsa is responsible for importing and marketing natural gas to the Spanish wholesale and retail markets.

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A través del área de gas llevamos a cabo la importación y comercialización de gas natural en el mercado mayorista y minorista español.


Contamos con una cartera de gas competitiva, diversificada y flexible, y nuestro profundo conocimiento sobre este mercado nos permite adaptarnos a las necesidades industriales, residenciales y de movilidad de nuestros clientes, ofreciendo una oferta energética completa.



This area is responsible for the international transportation of gas via the MEDGAZ pipeline and the importing and marketing of natural gas on the wholesale and retail markets in Spain.



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The MEDGAZ project was one of the largest challenges we have faced. We led the construction, alongside Sonatrach, of the construction of this submarine gas pipeline to transport gas from Algeria to Europe via Spain. It was the first gas pipeline in the Mediterranean at a depth of 2,000 meters, and it has a total capacity of 8,000 million m3 a year.

This multi-disciplinary project is considered as a project of common interest by the European Union being the quickest and cheapest way to transport clean energy to consumers in the South of Europe and in turn collaborate in meeting objectives established in the Kyoto Protocol.



At Cepsa we regasify, transport, and distribute natural gas via Cepsa Gas Comercializadora to the industrial and commercial sectors as well as for electric generation. We have a 70% stake and we are the fifth largest distributor in Spain with a 6% market share.