With over 80 years’ experience.

Since the inauguration of its first refinery, the first in Spain, Cepsa has racked up more than 90 years of experience in the refining sector.

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Our business began in 1930, with the opening of the first Spanish refinery in Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife. Its inauguration was a landmark for the country as it reduced Spain’s dependency on imports at a time when transport fuel was beginning to have a significant impact on the development of our society. This event was the start of a long trajectory that has allowed us to learn and improve in all aspects of our work along the way.

At our refineries we distill crudes and transform them into products such as diesel, gasoline, heating fuel, kerosene, and liquefied gas, as well as other raw materials that we then treat at our chemicals plants. All of our refineries are ranked among the top 100 in Europe according to the Solomon report, a study that compares the operations of these installations globally.


Expert team

Our group of professionals is highly qualified and works with a great commitment to safety and a goal of zero accidents.

Experience and technical ability

Our Gibraltar San Roque refinery has the largest capacity of all refineries in Spain, and we distill 36% of the country’s petroleum. All of our refineries are very flexible and can distill all types of crude oil and we have a wealth of experience having built the first Spanish refinery in 1930.


We are integrated with the other businesses, especially with our chemicals plants, which are located close by our refineries. This helps us to be more efficient in our resources and processes along the value chain.

Efficiency, safety, respect for the environment

We follow an integrated management model at our refineries. Beside this, we also hold the quality management certifications (9001 and PECAL 2120), for safety (OHSAS 18001), and for environmental management in each of them.

We grow in a sustainable way

We care about doing our business in a sustainable way. We respect nature and we hold certifications that underline our search to find a balance between development and the environment. A good example is the Energy Efficiency Management System which our three refineries have. We are also committed to working with the communities where we carry out our work. We hold open house days at our refineries, we hold public consultations, and we meet with our neighbors and government representatives to learn about their concerns and needs.


    • The extension of our La Rábida Refinery was one of the largest investment projects in our history. The project helps us to meet our goals to improve safety in the supply of diesel, increase energy efficiency and the competitiveness of the plant, and boost flexibility.
    • We work in close collaboration with our Research Center to optimize processes and improve competitiveness and the quality of our operations and products.
    • We are leaders in energy efficiency, safety, and environmental projects, and we guarantee all of our processes through certifications.


Our business allows us to provide you with energy solutions adapted to meet your needs, which make your life easier, and help us to build a better society. Oilfields, refineries, chemicals plants, and service stations, distributed across the world to offer the best to customers.