Generating value

One of the most exciting jobs at Cepsa is that of the Trading area. Among other things, this team is responsible for supplying the raw materials for the rest of the company's areas. Learn about the area's activities in this video.

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Generating value and supplying raw materials and intermediate products to our refineries, as well as the products required by our commercial areas.

From our Trading unit we support and add value to all the businesses that make up Cepsa. We also seek to generate value through our own portfolio and through our in-depth knowledge of the crude and product markets, using all of our experience in the continuous search for business opportunities.

Some of Trading's activities are marketing crude oil and processed surplus products from our refining activity; marketing raw materials and intermediate products; as well as supporting the Distribution and Marketing departments in the supply and sale of surpluses, risk management and price optimization.

Finally, we use all our knowledge and experience to manage the volatility of the environment and also to continuously search for business opportunities through the futures and derivatives markets.
This is possible thanks to the work and efforts of our group of highly qualified and specialized professionals who drive the continuous development of our many business relationships, always offering the best service at both a commercial and operational level in an increasingly global and dynamic market.

Barrels of crude handled in year

200 M

Number of ships chartered

+ 15

Buy / Sell tons of products in year

10 M

Our objective is to increase those numbers and keep growing in volume to strengthen our expansion and be one of the areas to lead Cepsa’s vision to be a global brand.


Internal risk controls on commercial operations is essential for trading activity and from an operational point of view safety is key.

Our Vetting unit ensures the safety of maritime transport for ships carrying our products or that are located in our terminals. To do this, we have created safety systems that reduce the risk of accidents during transportation, loading and unloading, and we continuously evaluate compliance with these procedures.


Reviews compliance with safety requirements and certifications.



If you do not have access to the Vetting Reserved Area, request it.


Seagoing Vessel’s Acceptance Criteria
Mooring and unmooring fees