Cepsa, awarded in the 5th edition of Accenture's Digital Talent Awards

25 Feb 2021

    • The company received an award in the Experiences category for its CDX project, an innovative training program in the energy sector unique in Spain.
    • This training provides professionals with knowledge related to digital transformation from an experiential approach.
    • With this project, Cepsa continues to make progress in its commitment to the digital transformation and the goal of becoming an agile delivery and data driven company.
    • CDX aims to become a leading experiential platform for companies committed to increasing the digital capabilities of their professionals.
Cepsa was recognized today at the fifth edition of the Accenture Digital Talent Awards, one of the most important awards in the field of digital transformation in Spain, which aims to identify, evaluate, and recognize the digital initiatives that contribute to transforming organizations and generating a business impact by managing.

The energy company was recognized in the "Experiences" category, which values digital employee management focused on offering a new experience to people. The project selected by the jury—comprising experts in the fields of technology and human resources—was the "Cepsa Digital Experience" (CDX), a completely innovative training program in the energy sector and, to date, unique in Spain. With this initiative, Cepsa is enhancing the digital knowledge of its professionals with a fundamentally experiential approach.

Joaquín Abril-Martorell, Cepsa's Digital Transformation Director, received this recognition and affirmed that: "From the moment we took on the challenge of turning Cepsa into an agile delivery and data-driven company, we understood that our digital transformation process should be focused on people. This recognition motivates us to continue developing the potential of CDX to become a leading experiential platform for companies committed to increasing their professionals' digital capabilities."
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To achieve this, unlike traditional training, CDX ensures that participants can apply the knowledge they acquire in solving real problems, while being tutored by expert mentors and professionals in the field who also work at the company. In this regard, CDX has identified five areas of knowledge—automation, advanced analytics, data engineering, agile methodologies, and technological development—which in turn have been divided into several different programs, up to 41, adjusting them to the needs of each professional, giving them the necessary tools and skills to address the challenges encountered in the daily routine of the energy industry with a different approach. In addition, the company is already working to expand it to three new areas of knowledge (the cloud, IoT and entrepreneurship), and also plans to incorporate experts from other companies as sherpas (trainers) so that they can transfer their best practices to hikers (students) at Cepsa.


With this approach, CDX aims to create a community of companies, where professionals can enrich each other and share their experiences addressing different business challenges by using digital tools, all from a practical and experiential standpoint.


This training's current success can be seen in the more than 1,500 employee applications received since its launch in March 2020, as well as the more than 100,000 hours of training, and the more than 100 digital projects proposed by trainees. Additionally, participant satisfaction has been outstanding, with a score of 9 out of 10 in the surveys carried out among the attendees, all of whom assured that they would repeat the experience.