Cepsa wins the fourth OCU collective fuel purchase

22 Oct 2019

    • The company wins this pooled purchase for the fourth year running. So far, more than 4,600 users have registered
    • This initiative will allow consumers to save around 4% on their fuel bill by filling up at Cepsa Service Stations in Spain and Portugal
    • Also, the company recently won the latest OCU collective energy purchase with its Cepsa Hogar commercial offer


Cepsa has won the collective fuel purchase from the Spanish Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) for the fourth consecutive time. Through this initiative, participants gain access to discounts on their fuel purchases during a year at the 1,800 Cepsa Service Stations throughout Spain and Portugal.


So far, more than 4,600 consumers have registered to benefit from discounts on their fuel bill in the company's Service Stations network. The enrollment period is open until December 20 through the website https://www.ocu.org/movilidad-inteligente/quiero-pagar-menos-gasolina/. Prior registration on the website is the only requirement needed to benefit from these discounts.


According to the OCU, the average annual savings for the members of this organization is €55.23 and for the rest of those enrolled, €43.97. Thanks to this initiative, users who are also OCU members will get a discount of six cents per liter when filling up the tank with automobile diesels and gasolines, and an additional two cents if they choose premium fuel at their regular Service Station (chosen by the customer). For their part, registered users who are not OCU members will be entitled to a discount of five cents per liter and an additional two cents if they choose premium fuel at their regular Service Station. In addition, all registered users will be entitled to a €1.50 discount if they wash their vehicles in company’s own Service Stations. 


These discounts are accumulated in the form of discount points on their 'Porque TU Vuelves' card, which can then be exchanged either at Service Stations or in the company's online shop. The card is free of charge, does not involve any purchase or use commitment, and has no associated costs. 


Cepsa offers its customers multiple formulas for obtaining competitive discounts through its payment systems, loyalty cards and strategic alliances, such as those established with Carrefour, Iberia, Vueling or Línea Directa.


Currently, Cepsa has 2 million customers in the private sector who enjoy the benefits of the 'Porque Tú Vuelves' program when they visit their Service Stations.


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