Cepsa Chemical Plant in Palos passes SEVESO III Audit Again This Year

25 Nov 2020

    • The Cepsa industrial centers in Huelva are inspected annually in accordance with the European SEVESO III regulations.
    • The main objective is to prevent serious accidents and limit their consequences for people and the environment.

The Cepsa chemical plant in Palos has passed the SEVESO III regulatory safety inspection established by European regulations regarding the control of risks inherent to serious accidents involving hazardous substances.

To do so, the audit manager from an approved entity visited the industrial site to conduct a review through a planned and systematic examination of the chemical plant’s organization, technical teams and safety management system.

The purpose of this safety inspection is to demonstrate that the facilities have adequate measures to prevent serious accidents, that they take the necessary steps to limit consequences inside and outside the establishment, should they occur, and that the data and information provided in the technical reports faithfully reflect the safety status of the plants. On the other hand, it shows that programs have been established and personnel have been informed about protection measures and actions in case of accidents.

The European directive, known as SEVESO III and incorporated into the Spanish legal system by Royal Decree 840/2015, requires European countries to identify industrial areas with risks and to adopt appropriate measures to prevent serious accidents involving hazardous substances and to limit their consequences for people and the environment. In the case of Spain, the Autonomous Communities assume responsibility for ensuring compliance.

Compliance and maintenance of the measures subject to these regulations is verified through periodic inspections, conducted by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and regulated by the competent authority.

Since its approval, all Cepsa industrial centers are inspected annually in accordance with this demanding regulation.

Cepsa and Safety

At Cepsa, safety is a historic and inseparable principle of its activity embodied by all employees and other companies with which it works. To achieve the safety objectives, the company conducts training programs and inspections, and it follows preventive standards and procedures.

Thus, the Palos chemical plant, in addition to responding to the legal requirements of Law on Prevention of Occupational Hazards and the sever Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH), has a Prevention Management System, in accordance with the OHSAS and has established a Safety Management System to eliminate the personal and industrial incidents/accidents that can happen.

Furthermore, within Cepsa, the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) internal audit team submits the system to testing, using the international Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series audit criteria as a reference.

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