Developing U


This program is born with the aim of offering you the opportunity to carry out your undergraduate or master’s dissertation. Furthermore, you can complete it in any of our areas and with the support of the most talented experts in our company. 

What profiles are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals who can bring value and innovation to the different projects of the company.

This program is intended for profiles that meet the following requirements:

    • Students who are studying for a university undergraduate or master's degree. 
    • Good academic record 
    • Competencies related to our values
    • Topics of research projects related to the energy sector or some of our corporate areas

What do we offer you?

This program offers you the advice and experience of our employees. 

The duration of this program is linked to the deadline and completion period of the undergraduate or master’s degree dissertation, which will be set by the institution where the studies are conducted.

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