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A culture of innovation is part of Cepsa's DNA. Find out the secrets of its continuous improvement process.

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A culture of innovation is part of our DNA. We use technology and research to create value, be more competitive, optimize processes and improve the efficiency and quality of our products. Because our priority is to continue to grow in a sustainable way.

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Projects for digital transformation

At Cepsa we are carrying out digital transformation across all of our areas and businesses, with the aspiration of being a Data Driven & Agile Deliverycompany. We use advanced analytics in our decision making to make us more agile and adaptable in our ways of working, while generating added value across all of our businesses.



Technological and industrial projects

Our technical capacity and close to 90 years of experience have seen us develop large scale projects in different phases of the oil and gas value chain both nationally and internationally.

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R + D + i projects

Continuous improvement is one of our strongest values and is particularly evident in our Research and Development area. We are driven to advance and innovate in all we do. We search for new business opportunities, improve our processes, and develop ever more advanced new products.

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