Upgrading and optimization to continue to lead the way in LAB manufacturing

Our Chemicals area, present in Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia and Spain, is the world leader in the manufacture of raw materials such as linear alkylbenzene (LAB). To maintain and strengthen our leadership in this field, we launched the project to expand and improve one of our most emblematic plants: Puente Mayorga, in Cadiz.

This plant was built more than five decades ago, and has always had innovation and commitment to the environment at its heart. This project makes it unique in the world in terms of technology and sustainability in the field of surfactants.


With a 100 million euro-investment, we updated the Cadiz chemical plant by expanding its capacity and introducing significant technological improvements that make it the first plant in Europe and the second in the world to use the latest generation of Detal catalysts (our plant in Canada was the first to roll out this innovation). Some of the highlights of this project include:

  1. Replacing hydrofluoric acid-based (HF) technology with Detal, which is more efficient and sustainable.
  2.  Incorporating a new generation of more efficient and versatile catalysts capable of producing different types of LAB in the same plant, depending on the needs of each client.
  3. Expanding the plant's production capacity by 50,000 tons of LAB (an increase of 25%).
  4. Creating new loading and unloading facilities, a control room and employee spaces following the new Hadi work model.


This renovation project has enabled us to improve final product quality, reduce emissions, reduce fixed and associated costs, improve safety, optimize processes and improve the plant's energy efficiency. 


"As world leaders in LAB production, we are pioneers in adapting our plant from hydrofluoric acid-based technology to Detal technology.".
Itsaso Aranzabal
Optimization and Control, Puente Mayorga chemical plant

Find out how we put the circular economy into practice in the project

Linear alkylbenzene (LAB) is the basis for most biodegradable detergents. In collaboration with UOP (Universal Oil Products), Cepsa came up with and developed Detal technology to produce LAB optimally.

The optimization of the Puente Mayorga chemical plant is a circular economy project that will greatly reduce the amount of waste generated. Detal technology enables us to increase safety during processes, as well as energy efficiency. It also allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and CO2 emissions, due to its low energy and electricity consumption.

The benefits of this technology are highly regarded, and it has become the most widely used in new LAB plants throughout the world since it was implemented at Cepsa's Bécancour chemical plant in Canada.  


"Detal is a major step towards Cepsa becoming carbon neutral."




Project Capacity Expansion and Technology Revamp

  • Project Capacity Expansion and Technology Revamp

Cepsa presents its unique LAB plant