Research and Development

Cepsa, innovating to improve

Under Cepsa’s Development area we identify the company’s technology needs that arise each day. We carry out technical analysis and are present in each one of the Strategic Plans and Business Plans developed at our company.


Since 1975 we have worked with Cepsa’s Research Center. Here we not only develop important research projects for our production centers and commercial units, but we also provide technical support to our customers, especially for lubricants and specialities.

We have laboratories, state-of-the-art machinery and pilot plants capable of reproducing the processes that we carry out at our production centers, principally in refining and chemicals. This has enabled us to create more efficient and environmentally friendly processes, develop new fuels and promote added value projects.

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Exploration and Production
We develop new technologies and improved oil recovery techniques to increase their production.
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We work on projects to develop state-of-the-art bituminous materials to extend the working life of pavements.

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At our refineries, we carry out projects to create more ecological and higher quality fuels.

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We are constantly improving our technology to produce more efficient chemicals and optimize production processes.

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